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Sep 10 2008

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Will Wright brainwashes founder of SETI, Frank Drake

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Another Gem I found floating on the internet.

Here we witness Will drag on about evolution and his game for a bit, bragging about using millions of people as unpaid slaves to create content for his game.

Then he trots out the founder of SETI, Mr. Frank Drake.

I think it is entirely possible that God created civilizations on other planets.  But because Will Wright has brainwashed Frank Drake into thinking that life in the universe gave rise to “super humans” on other planets that are better than us.

God would never create something better than himself, it is not possible as God is perfect in every way.  And once again, I reiterate that man was created in His image.

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Sep 10 2008

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Mr. Wright strikes again

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I am really at a loss for words here.

It seems Will has suddenly switched gears from evolution to creation and is trying to say that in 18 days, Spore users did what God did in 7.  So all of spore users add up to 38% of God.  Unbelievable.

Just another direct attack from a man who thinks he is unstoppable.

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Sep 09 2008

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The evil man behind it all – Will Wright

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I used to like Will Wright.  He created Sim City, a fantastic game that celebrated the earth that God created for us and allowed you to use all your God given abilities to make an ideal society.  But if you ever felt like you had too much power, God would come in with a tornado or an earthquake and put you back in place.

You would think that as a member of the Episcopal Church, a smart man like Will Wright would not be capable of creating Spore.  However, we must be reminded that the Episcopal Church is the only church in america that ordains homosexuals on a regular basis.

It makes sense that a perverted church would cause a man to make the creations he has in this game.  It just may be that evolution is not the only thing to fear this game teaching your children.

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Sep 08 2008

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Don’t bother watching National Geographic tomorrow.

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Whatever happened to the days when National Geographic simply showed us footage of all of Gods beautiful creation all around the world?

Tomorrow night they are featuring a show called “How to build a better being“. They will attempt to give credibility to the flawed theory of evolution through … A VIDEO GAME. Yes, they are crediting the creator of Spore, Will Wright, with the discovery of the secrets of life.

I can tell you right away there is no way to build a better being. We were created in Gods image. You can’t get any better than that.

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